Webhooks Setup

Ware2Go's webhooks provide an easy way to receive status updates about orders, inbound shipments, products, and returns. This guide describes how to use FulfillmentVu to set up webhooks. The payloads that Ware2Go posts to your webhook URL are defined in the Webhooks refence pages on this site.

Follow the steps below to set up webhooks for your applications:

  1. Log in to FulfilmentVu and select Settings from the dropdown menu under your profile icon as shown in the image below:

  2. Select Integrations from the FulfillmentVu Settings screen:

  3. Scroll down to the Webhooks section of the Integrations Settings screen and toggle on webhooks for the updates that you want to receive:

  4. Enter your webhook URL and API key in the corresponding fields:

    See the Getting Started guide for details about obtaining your API key.

  5. Click the SAVE button to save your webhooks settings. Ware2Go will post updates whenever there are changes to the components that you enabled.


JWT Authentication

Regarding the Webhook events that we publish, a common misconception is that the Token Verification Key itself is encoded in the Authorization Header; this is not the case, we send a JWT that is signed with the Token Verification Key. The Key is used to verify that the JWT was legitimately sent by us.

If you are not familiar with JSON Web Tokens please visit jwt.io for more information.