Getting Started

The Ware2Go REST APIs provide an easy way for you to integrate Ware2Go's capabilities into your app and to streamline the way that you send and receive data from Ware2Go.


Create a Ware2Go Account

You must be an active W2G merchant before you can start working with the Ware2Go API. If you don't have an account, go to AccountVu and select Sign Up in the upper right corner.

Once you have a Ware2Go account and can access AccountVu, follow the steps on this page to Add an API User and Get Your API Keys and find your Ware2Go Merchant ID. You use your API credentials and merchant ID to authenticate your requests to the APIs.

Once you have your credentials, see the guides for setting up webhooks, authenticating your API requests, and using the API to create an outbound order for details about using the Ware2Go APIs for your integration.

Add an API User and Get Your API Keys

Follow the steps below to use AccountVu to create an API user and get your API keys:

  1. Log in to AccountVu.

  2. Add an API user, by clicking API Users in the left hand navigation. The API users screen will open:

    If you do not have any existing API users, continue with the next steps to add a new API user.

  3. Click the New API User button above the Name column. The Create API User form will open:

  4. Fill in the Name, select a role from the Role dropdown, and click Submit. The name can only contain alphanumeric characters and the following special characters: . - _ + @. In this case, all roles have the same permissions.

    The Edit API User screen opens:

  5. Select the check box for Show Token to view the API Secret, or click Copy to copy the API Secret to your clipboard.

You can use the API user name and the API secret as basic authentication for your API calls, or you can use them to create a bearer token for additional security.

Find your merchant ID

To locate your merchant ID, log in to AccountVu and select Merchant Profile from the left hand navigation. The Merchant Overview screen opens. The merchant ID that you will need to use in API requests is highlighted in red in the image below:

Merchant ID in AccountVu