FBA Orders

A subset of Warehouses in the Ware2Go Network offer the ability to ship Merchandise into Amazon Fulfillment Centers in support of FBA.

Creating an FBA order for a supported Warehouse generates a shipment plan for the inventory you are sending to an Amazon Warehouse for Fulfillment by Amazon. If you are matched with a W2G Warehouse that supports FBA and FBA is configured for your account, you will be able to create FBA orders via the API.

The current W2G Warehouses that support FBA include: Baltimore, Las Vegas and Memphis.

There are 2 Types of FBA Orders:

  1. Standard FBA Orders sent to an Amazon FC "As-is".
  2. FBA Orders that require some form of preparation before being sent to an Amazon FC (i.e. FNSKU labeling, Kitting).


Before creating any FBA Order be sure to:

A) Review your Storage capacity in Seller Central.

B) Confirm that you have sufficient inventory in the W2G Warehouse that will process the transfer.

  • If you use our order orchestration to determine W2G Warehouse selection (i.e., Warehouse = Default - Best Option), we advise checking the inventory in all of the Warehouses within your W2G Warehouse Network.